Thursday, January 17, 2013

January update

We have been able to send a package a month that contains fabric, needles, thread, scissors, pins, and plastic lining for the Touch His Cloak project. Thanks to the Hamrick family and Hamrick Mills, we can send one package a month for a year. The big challenge is money for shipping. It costs about $150.00 for each package weighing about 25 pounds. So if you can, please donate any amount to You can just click on the donation icons on the home page of Also: We are looking for funding for mosquito netting. Chairman James Ooynu wrote: "I visited this boarding elementary school (Lira Modern Primary School) just opposite our church. On touring their facilities, I was badly hit by the alarming conditions of the dormitories of the school. One thing that struck me most was the bad condition of mosquito nets children used."
Malaria is Africa's leading cause of death for children. It is treatable and preventable. Use of mosquito nets is one of the ways to prevent it.